(of soil) soft and watery

the ground was boggy under foot


a marshy coastline


miry roads


wet mucky lowland


muddy barnyard


quaggy terrain


the sloughy edge of the pond


swampy bayous

marshy, ↑miry, ↑mucky, ↑muddy, ↑quaggy, ↑sloppy, ↑sloughy, ↑soggy, ↑squashy, ↑swampy, ↑waterlogged
Similar to: ↑wet
Derivationally related forms:
swamp (for: ↑swampy), ↑sogginess (for: ↑soggy), ↑slough (for: ↑sloughy), ↑sloppiness (for: ↑sloppy), ↑slop (for: ↑sloppy), ↑quag (for: ↑quaggy), ↑mud (for: ↑muddy), ↑muddiness (for: ↑muddy), ↑mire (for: ↑miry), ↑marsh (for: ↑marshy), ↑bog

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